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Fan Friends

Being a lover of fan culture, plus a very social and inquisitive person, I love meeting other fans and then hearing their awesome fan stories. In the process, I make amazing friends, so I just had to share these two … Continue reading

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“There’s this deep level of sentimentality drawing back to the time they were first introduced to that film, character, story, or whatever. When they think on it, when they reflect on it, it brings up all these positive feelings and … Continue reading

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Nerd Persecution

Things have taken an odd turn in the world of being a nerd (geek? whatever your preference). I’ve noticed some negativity and hostility towards our ilk. First, I had an R2D2 Mickey Mouse pair of ears from Disney that I … Continue reading

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Disneyland Diary

I recently paid a visit to Disneyland. I feel very lucky that I live less than two hours away (pending the ever-changing Southern California traffic) from the Happiest Place on Earth. Since my last few visits have been during the … Continue reading

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SHUT IT DOWN with Jon Taffer

During a Facebook live chat earlier with Jon Taffer (of “Bar Rescue”) and over 6k of his fans, Jon shared some cool bits of news via broadcast while his fans took to the chat room. One of them was that … Continue reading

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Fan Travel Tips – Cruises

  With‘s new series called Fan Travel Tips, I wanted to be able to offer advice to my fellow fanatics when they, no doubt, have to travel somewhere to get to their event of choice, or just travel somewhere … Continue reading

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Top 10 Best Fan-Character Films EVER

Fanatics of pop culture are present in our personal lives, as well as dominating the economy. From the stereotypically over-enthusiastic, to those with a truly great fan story, we’ve come across every one of them in our lives. Naturally, this … Continue reading

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