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Star Wars Chick Essentials

A while back, you may recall I wrote about my visit to Disneyland and chronicled the fun Stars Wars stuff to do and buy there (the blog is here). I mentioned the Star Wars Zip Satchel by Dooney & Bourke … Continue reading

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Blink Ink

I love when bands and celebrities are proud of their fan’s tattoos. With everything Blink182 has been through in the past couple of decades, it’s nice to see the fan base going strong.

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Coldplay Concert Proposals

Did you see the viral story of the man proposing to his girlfriend during the song “Fix You” at a recent Coldplay show? Most likely. You can see one person’s video of the event HERE and while it is sweet, … Continue reading

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Fans in the News – March 2016

Hi, all! Here is what is going in the world of fanatics and pop culture, recently. Singer Bruce Springsteen helped out a young fan who came to his concert and had to stay very late on a school night by … Continue reading

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As I Am: DJ AM

I admit with guilt, that I wasn’t a big fan of DJ AM until after his plane crash. Not because I wanted to be a band wagon fan, but because I had barely heard of him until that point. I’ve … Continue reading

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Fans in the News – July 2015

Taylor Swift is synonymous with being fan friendly. She is often in the news on a monthly basis for surprising fans with some grand gesture. This month, she made the news for small gestures like consoling a heartbroken, teenage fan … Continue reading

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Lyrics Meant So Much

Wow! It’s been a while. Sorry about that. Here is a great quote to make up for being away: “In applying to this camp that she went to [a girls rock and roll camp], she first had to write an … Continue reading

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