DEADicated: The Film

DEADicated_posterOut now (click here to watch), “DEADicated” is an independent film from Amanda Rosenblatt exploring the fan community of “Walking Dead” followers. Whether devoted to the show, the graphic novels, the video games, the toys, the actors, or any facet of the TWD Universe – the droves of the truly dead-icated are highlighted in this 30 minute documentary. The film also serves as a memorial project in memory of Stephanie Picher (info here). Material includes TWD cast interviews, fan interviews, non-fan points of view, and footage from multiple pop culture conventions dated as far back as 2010. Cast involved are Steve Yeun (Glenn, TV show), Vincent M. Ward (Oscar, TV show) & Melissa Hutchison (Clementine, video game), as well as an interviews with TWD cosplayers such as Hacksaw Jack. Follow on Twitter HERE and scroll down for more info. Thanks for visiting!

CLIPS of “DEADicated”:

PRESS on “DEADicated”:

  • Review on HERE and cross-posted at HERE
  • The Walker Stalkers Podcast shared “DEADicated: the film” with their 24k plus Twitter followers HERE
  • Director Amanda Rosenblatt on The Studio Cellar podcast discussing the film HERE. Be warned – Adult language is used in the program.

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