Here are some pieces where Fan-Culture.org got to chat with some pretty amazing people about pop culture fanaticism, as well as lists of literary and visual media referencing fanaticism. My alt-site dedicated to my celebrity/public figure interviews by category of who I interviewed HERE and special fan community podcast specials HERE:

  • Movies about fans/fan culture HERE
  • TV shows about fans/fan culture HERE
  • Books about fans/fan culture HERE
  • Songs about fans/fan culture HERE
  • Fan Culture Related podcasts list HERE
  • Josh Gates, “Destination Truth” & “Expedition Unknown” HERE & HERE
  • Morgan Spurlock, “Supersize Me” & “Inside Man” HERE
  • Steven Yeun, “The Walking Dead” HERE
  • Norman Reedus, “The Walking Dead”, & his fans HERE
  • Grant Wilson, “Ghost Hunters” & CarpetShark HERE
  • Brian Herzlinger, director of “My Date With Drew” HERE
  • Film maker of fan documentary “Walkers Among Us” HERE
  • Profiles in History auction house stories HERE and HERE
  • Christopher Lloyd and his devoted NYCC fans HERE
  • Dolly Parton super fans, plus the makers of “For the Love of Dolly” and “Hollywood to Dollywood” HERE
  • Director of “I Think We’re Alone Now”, about Tiffany fans and a look into social boundaries of fans and celebs HERE
  • Dakota Laden, winner of “Ghost Adventures” contest & YouTuber famous for “Ghost Adventures” spoofs HERE
  • Nick Groff, “Ghost Adventures” HERE
  • Randy, runner of TheArnoldFans.com & author, HERE
  • When fans follow dreams HERE
  • Pieces on pop culture expert Fong Sam HERE and HERE
  • Katy Perry Super Fan Jack, of short film “Katy & I” HERE
  • Emma aka Nuttymadam, YouTuber, “Twi-Hard” HERE
  • Amanda of fan-culture.org represents Virgin Mobile & Talenthouse as Local Little Monster Vlogger in 2011 HERE  showing what makes a true Lady Gaga fan

2 Responses to Exclusives

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  2. carte psn says:

    great insight. Really enjoyed skimming through this blog.

    Keep up the good work and to everyone keep on learning!

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