Getting traffic to your sites is wonderful – especially when you don’t have to pay for it. Being on the other end of professional social media has made me see what a wonderful service link trading is.

Want your link featured on my site? Email me at whyamandaworks AT yahoo DOT com and I will review requests once every Saturday. If I feel your site is appropriate to share, I will place it here on this page. Yay for sharing!

NOTE – I do not endorse these businesses. I am just providing the free service of sharing links. I will only review requests and add links one day a week – on Saturdays. It’s free, so please don’t yell at me if I don’t get right back to you. AND DON’T TAKE MY RED STAPLER!


  • VA Home Loan Centers – home loan information and real estate for American veterans, active duty & families
  • Federal Home Loan Centers – federal and conventional home loan info and real estate for Americans who are low income, seeking re-financing & short sales


  • Operation Supply Drop – Providing new video games and systems to deployed troops from donations and money raised through 8 Bit Salute. They also send troops on trips with Thank You Deployments.
  • Victory From Abuse – A resource site for those overcoming the struggles of abuse.



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