Coldplay Concert Proposals

Designed by%2FforDid you see the viral story of the man proposing to his girlfriend during the song “Fix You” at a recent Coldplay show? Most likely. You can see one person’s video of the event HERE and while it is sweet, this is actually a phenomena at Coldplay shows!

In fact, this is not the first time someone has done a proposal during the song “Fix You” at a Coldplay show! Check out this well-synchronized proposal to the song from a 2012 show HERE

Want a proposal during the song “Yellow”? HERE is one in London recently. “Magic,” perhaps? HERE is one in Manchester on the band’s recent tour.

The best part? Chris Martin isn’t just putting on an artistic front when he sings these iconic love songs. The lead singer of Coldplay is a sucker for romance, and has been involved in fans proposing to each other at his band’s shows for years! HERE‘s one from as far back as 2010 in Newcastle, and HERE‘s a recent one from April in Brazil!

Congrats to all the fans who have gotten, and likely will, get engaged at a Coldplay show! Here’s a fun question – where did you get engaged and was it pop culture related? Or if you have not been engaged yet, what would be your dream engagement scenario? Share this on social media and leave some comments!


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The Taking of an Idol

sorrow-1228329_1920The passing of Christina Grimmie was very traumatic in the pop culture world, and I wanted to write about it sooner, but given the devastating Pulse Nightclub massacre that happened in the very same town the very same weekend, I didn’t want to diminish all of the lives lost by focusing on only one tragic event that took place in Orlando last week. I feel now hopefully is an appropriate time to speak on this issue, and I wish all of the victims to rest in peace, as well as their friends and families to eventually find comfort.

Christina was a contestant on the hit talent show “The Voice” and even before that, she had a great degree of YouTube fame from her inspiring words, her humor, and more importantly, her amazing singing voice. She loved meeting her fans, as shown in this moving memorial video one of her fans made, and she was gunned down after a concert when she was meeting fans. Her final tweet to the world encouraged people to come see her show with another band called Before You Exit (related note: eerie coincidence that this is their band name and we are speaking about words said before our demise) and meet her afterwards, which has again brought about the topic of social media’s role in celebrity safety.

Photo credit: @therealgrimmie Twitter account

Photo credit: @therealgrimmie Twitter account

“Creators really do have a more significant connection with their communities than in other media,” Hank Green, who co-founded VidCon, a convention for the YouTube community, said of Christina’s murder. “That closeness can be an asset in that fans are more likely to understand the humanity of a creator, or it can be a liability if a fan begins to have delusions of a more significant relationship than exists.”

“The contract that celebrities have created with their fans online – that they can have limited access to their private lives – doesn’t translate well to reality, where the admiring public doesn’t seem to understand that the rules are different,” Elisabeth Sherman of the RollingStone writes, which resonated with me. It’s true, as she said, that “even celebrities need space.” It has been discussed that Christina’s shooter Kevin Loibl was an obsessed fan and that his perception that Christina was “ignoring him” led him to his actions.

This topic of public figures being gunned down for their views or what they do, which creates lovers and haters passionate enough to take them down, has been a long-standing topic in pop culture for decades. Eminem even rapped about it in his hit song “Kill You”, singing to the public “I’ma be another rapper dead for popping off at the mouth with [expletive] I shouldn’t have said.”

Not to get political, but I feel there is sadly no concrete answer to how we can stop shootings, be it of public figures or mass incidents with many people. People have been murdering each other for centuries with whatever weapon is at their disposable. You can hire security and check people’s bags, but a person can still be overpowered. You can try to lawfully take away a person’s guns, but there will still be people who can purchase them on the black market and hide them. You can promote to your children the idea of tolerating others and then blame pop culture sources like music or video games for teaching violence, but people will make their own decisions.

I am a huge advocate of fandoms being respected, as well as respectful. My life has changed because I’ve been able to go to these conventions, concerts and similar public events to not only meet public figures, but other fans. I also realize highly public events like this aren’t just attended by fansmy video of the Westboro Baptist Church protesting San Diego Comic Con in 2010 is pretty popular and the incident is a topic of conversation, to this day.

I am going to San Diego Comic Con again this year and with so many messed up things happening at these large events  that can be targeted by terror groups, am I scared to go? Yes. With any big event, I am very aware of my surroundings because as much as I want to have fun, I also want to be safe. But I’m still going to be there among the thousands of fellow fans who look to this event year after year as a secular salvation from their daily lives. To be with like-minded people and maybe meet some of our idols.

All we can do with this life we are given is to not avoid it and be scared to be in a public place we equate with enjoyment and community- we are best to just respect others, be vigilant, and try to learn from our history. Be kind to someone you know is struggling, and if you know something is not right with a person, say something. You may just save lives.

Here are some examples of other public figures who have been taken away from us due to gun violence:

Selena – AKA Selena Quintanilla-Perez, was shot by Yolanda Saldivar in 1995. Yolanda was a fan of a genre of music called Tejano (popular music from Mexican-American artists from regions of Texas), so she tried once to be the President of a fan club branch for a different Tejano artist before giving up and pursuing Selena’s fan club. She eventually finagled her way into Selena’s inner circle to have more responsibilities with her brand, but when it was discovered she was embezzling money, they fired her. When Selena finally was able to get Yolanda to agree to hand over financial records she was pursuing and met her in a fairly public place to get them, she was instead presented with a death via gun shot wounds from Yolanda. Selena was 23.

Tupac – While not shot by a fan, that we can gather since the shooter or shooters have never been found, the famous rapper was in a convoy of other vehicles on the Las Vegas strip after attending a boxing match. Despite no presence of social media and no cell phones at this time period, the celebrity had enough of a status that he was easily found and pursued by the killer(s) in a very public setting. He once said of the controversy his works created – “I just wanted to rap about things that affected young black males. When I said that, I didn’t know that I was gonna tie myself down to…be the media’s kicking post for young black males. I just figured since I lived that life I could do that, I could rap about that.” He died in 1996 at the age of 25.

Political Idols –  President John F. Kennedy AKA JFK, while not a pop star, was a beloved public figure. As is a common phenomena, the adoring public would love to come to see the President arrive in their town when they were coming to some sort of public function. It was in November of 1963, on a trip to Dallas Texas for political purposes, that JFK was assassinated by a gunshot while riding in a very open and very heavily attended motorcade, waving to the public. Lee Harvey Oswald was accepted to be the killer, but was gunned down himself before he was officially convicted. In a similarly tragic story, JFK’s brother Robert F. Kennedy, AKA Bobby Kennedy, ran for President in 1968 and had a very successful campaign. It was at an event after winning the California Primary, while he was shaking hands of supporters at the Ambassador Hotel, that he was gunned down in the hotel’s kitchen by Sirhan Bishara Sirhan. Martin Luther King Jr., a very famous figure in politics through his activism and the struggle of racism, was also killed by gunshot at the Loraine Motel in Memphis Tennessee. It was widely known that MLK frequented this establishment a lot, which may have lead to his demise. It is fitting to MLK’s legacy that this motel is now a civil rights museum.

John Lennon – Perhaps one of the most well-known instances of a fan killing their idol, John Lennon’s life was taken in 1980 at the very steps of where he lived. Many knew that John Lennon, formerly of The Beatles, lived in a luxury NYC residence called The Dakota. Fans would gather there and often be rewarded with Lennon autographs. Mark David Chapman had waited outside The Dakota since the morning, got an autograph and photo with the artist in the late afternoon, waited even longer for him to return from the recording studio that night,  then shot him around the same spot he happily met the artist earlier. The infamous quote about John’s generous attitude toward his fans is haunting to this day – “People come and ask for autographs, or say ‘Hi’, but they don’t bug you.”



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Disneyland Diary

I recently paid a visit to Disneyland. I feel very lucky that I live less than two hours away (pending the ever-changing Southern California traffic) from the Happiest Place on Earth. Since my last few visits have been during the Halloween Season, I thought it would be cool to visit right before they end the Season of the Force Star Wars theme period, so here are some eye candy goodies for you all:

Photo by Amanda Rosenblatt

Photo by Amanda Rosenblatt

From the get-go, I saw this awesome gal with this cool denim vest covered in Disney pins. This was a recurring theme throughout the day – the fans of the Disney parks have unique ways of displaying, and trading, their pins. She even had a tote bag that was covered in pins, as well!

The Star Wars fans were definitely out in full force (pun intended?) and they were for sure taking advantage of the tail end of the Season of the Force events going on. Even when waiting in line for a tram from the Mickey and Friends parking structure, we got inadvertently cut in line by a guy wearing a cool shirt with patterns from the space fight scenes from the franchise and a gal with lightsabers in her hair. They turned out to be pretty nice, too, so I couldn’t be too mad they shuffled their way in front of us.

Photo by Amanda Rosenblatt

Photo by Amanda Rosenblatt

Next, I saw some truly amazing Star Wars merchandise in the gift shop attached to Star Tours, which will sadly (but allegedly) be closed and re-themed in 2018. This Dooney & Bourke bag is the Zip Satchel, comes with an attachable shoulder strap, and is made of real leather. The patterns on all the bags will be different for each bag, but have the same concept. The bag is a good size – I can fit my iPad 2 with a pretty thick keyboard case, my wallet, two glasses cases, and a zip pouch with my external hard drive in it. Worth $300 when you factor in the taxes and shipping costs, if you don’t buy it in the park? Meh, I’ll wait until I see more of these used/cheaper on either eBay or one of the Disney D&B group pages later in time.

Photo by Amanda Rosenblatt

Photo by Amanda Rosenblatt

A really fun fan encounter I had that I wish I had enough video storage on my memory card was truly awesome. While waiting to meet Chewbacca at the Launch Bay, I caught a glimpse of a girl’s leg tattoo that looked like a Storm Trooper surrounded by flowers. I talked to them and it turns out, it was a group of friends who traveled to Disneyland together and all got Star Wars themed tattoos. Because it was rather dark in the Launch Bay, even with the flash, I couldn’t grab the best quality photos, but I did like this dude’s Sailor Jerry inspired tattoo the best, so I wanted to share it.

Photo by Brad Acevedo

Photo by Brad Acevedo

The rest of the day was pretty great. Chewbacca tried to teach me Wookie (VIDEO HERE), we saw a kid beam Darth Vader in his junk (VIDEO HERE) & when we left, we saw this AMAZING custom Star Wars car in the parking lot. It will be so great when Star Wars Land will be open in a few years, but if you want to see some construction going on, check out a glimpse in this video HERE.

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Five YouTubers You SHOULD Be Watching


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There are some big juggernauts on YouTube that you are likely familiar with, if you frequent the video-centric site. There are the accounts that belong to famous talk show hosts such as Conan O’Brien, sure, but there are also the big YouTube personalities like iJustine, PewDiePie, Markiplier and Boogie2988. However, since over 300 hours of new content is uploaded to YouTube every minute (and you can refer to THIS ARTICLE if that number seems unrealistic), there are many more talented Content Creators to explore.

Here are Five YouTubers with under 1 million subscriptions that you will be doing yourself a HUGE service to check out:

  1. Lamarr Wilson – As soon as you hear the catchy theme song of this YouTuber’s channel, you know you are a goner. Lamarr is known for his reviews of tech devices, as well as toys and other fun products – he also LOVES him some Wonder Woman. He also has very funny collab videos with other noteworthy YouTubers that are either of iJustine YouTube fame, or other talents who manage to fly under the radar. His videos are light-hearted, funny and family friendly. You can become one of his newest subs by going HERE
  2. Fresh Baked Disney – Wish you could visit Disneyland all the time? Have you visited before, or never have, and want some inside info on what to do, and HOW to make the most of your time (even though the motto of the channel is to LET Disney happen to you and not go in with an agenda)? Our intrepid guides in all things Disneyland are Sara and David, along with a rotating gaggle of good friends. This crew is very entertaining to watch and listen to. From ride-through videos of attractions to visits of gift shops in/around the park, and interactive videos such as their AMA’s and Knothole Gang updates of new attractions, their enthusiasm for The Happiest Place on Earth with their wide library of content is infectious. Become one of their Muffins by going and subscribing HERE
  3. Olan Rogers – Watching the videos of Olan Rogers is a magical experience. Whether it’s one of his professional short films, his cartoon “Final Space,” some of his vlogs where he tells an outlandish story, or perhaps his “Rollin’ with Olan” series, there is something here for everyone. His honesty and the emotional quality of some of his videos about his life and the adversities he has overcome will also give you serious inspiration. Go HERE and make sure you subscribe today!
  4. Saberspark – One of the pioneers in the Brony movement (AKA adult men who are fans of the series “My Little Pony” who challenge modern masculinity), Saberspark recently celebrated 100k subs. He has very entertaining list-oriented videos that evaluate some short comings of current cartoons, YouTube itself, what fandoms have become societally, and much more. He also has a great number of Brony-centric videos that are very funny, as well as a very in-depth documentary on what caused the Brony movement as it is today. Go and give him a new sub HERE It is also worth mentioning his good friend ACRacebest, who is just around the corner from having 100k subs himself, has lots of videos with Saberspark in them, but also has great travel videos and a series called “The Low Budgets” where he does demolition derby style car racing.
  5. GentleWhispering – The ASMR movement has definitely gained momentum over the past few years. Maria, aka GentleWhispering, is for sure one of the poster kids of this genre in YouTube videos. Known for relaxing videos with trigger sounds that people have soothing neurological reactions to, Maria’s channel is very unique. Being from Russia, she will commonly record an English and a Russian version of her video where she teaches us in hushed tones with lots of tapping, crinkling and other trigger noises, how to cook different dishes, how to give a therapeutic massage, or even how to speak a different language. You can subscribe to her HERE, or if ASMR is not your thing, she recently created a side channel called Sassy Masha Vlogs (Masha being her nickname) where she speaks in a normal tone of voice and talks about things going on in her life, which also includes some educational elements.
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Destination Truth

 Sorry for the lack of updates. Been busy finally sitting down and writing a book, which has been a life goal of mine. If you are a fan of “Destination Truth,” “Expedition Unknown,” Joshua Gates, Erin Ryder, cryptozoology, paranormal culture, or anything in that realm, or if you just love supporting independent authors, please go buy a copy over at 🙂 The book not only has awesome fan interviews, but a large portion of it is cast interviews, answers to popular fan questions, reviews of the cases investigated on the show, and much more! 

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Fans in the News – March 2016

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 12.23.48 PMHi, all! Here is what is going in the world of fanatics and pop culture, recently.

  • Singer Bruce Springsteen helped out a young fan who came to his concert and had to stay very late on a school night by writing his teacher a tardy note. I would say “I hope that teacher is a Bruce fan,” but honestly, WHO ISN’T ONE?!
  • Love boy bands? Love cruise vacations, or want to go on one? Then you should check out the Dirty Pop at Sea cruise (through Royal Caribbean), with talent onboard to meet fans such as Lance Bass, Joey Fatone & more! INFO HERE
  • Want to be part of a mystery “Destination Truth” project going on? Fans of Josh Gates and the cult favorite Syfy show will want to check out this contest going on ASAP: INFO HERE
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SHUT IT DOWN with Jon Taffer

CYoNWPlUsAAgB3LDuring a Facebook live chat earlier with Jon Taffer (of “Bar Rescue”) and over 6k of his fans, Jon shared some cool bits of news via broadcast while his fans took to the chat room. One of them was that there will be a new contest for “Bar Rescue” fans soon where you can be involved in an episode and do recon for Jon! Also, here were some great quotes from Jon:

  • “It’s like I’ve been hugged by America, when I hear things like that.”  -replying to a fan saying he watches the show with his dad every week

  • FAN: “jon can u get me a job?” JON: “(laughs) Maybe you should get your ass offline and go find one. Weren’t expecting THAT, were ya?”
  • Jon said he has been asked many times if he ever would run for President and he said no, he would not.
  • The best fan experience I’ve ever had? The best ones were those where I’ve impacted peoples lives. I remember in an airport recently, there was this 20 year old guy at a Burger King stand at 6 in morning who jumped over the counter, hugged me and thanked me for all the advice I’ve given on the show and on social media. He used to be a dish washer and now, he’s since become the assistant manager. Hugs and an emotional connection mean more to me, honestly.”


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