Fan Friends

Being a lover of fan culture, plus a very social and inquisitive person, I love meeting other fans and then hearing their awesome fan stories. In the process, I make amazing friends, so I just had to share these two items with you all:

Jasmine and Matthew Gay Gubler

Photo credit to Jasmine Mae With

My friend Jasmine, as you may have seen in a this hilarious video I did with her, is a HUGE fan of Matthew Gray Gubler of “Criminal Minds” and other projects. She moved from the midwest to Southern Cali to pursue her dreams, and on her time off, she goes on quests to meet the celebs who have influenced her. I’m happy to share she finally met Matthew, which she documents in this vlog. “I was all up in that armpit!” Her goal was to have him piggyback her in a photo, but he said he has done it before and it’s gotten him in trouble. Go watch the vlog and give her a thumbs up for taking a risk and accomplishing her fan goal!

blink182 concert photo

Photo credit to Amanda Rosenblatt

In another story, I met my friend Anthony at a Blink182 show in San Diego last year and we both shared the event of meeting members of our favorite band for the first time (you may remember, in this vlog, how I caught the moment on camera when Anthony learned that Mark got some artwork that Anthony made for him). Anthony has since attended WAY more shows than I have and has since had the pleasure of meeting the guys another time. He did an awesomely vivid writeup of what it’s like to go to these shows and he was nice enough to allow me to share it after the page break below:

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Fans in the News – September 2016

  • Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 4.27.02 PMThe band Florida Georgia Line surprised a little lady named Angel who is battling cancer
  • In a similar story, two rival football teams got together to help a fan who is battling cancer to make his wish come true
  • To round out the feel-good news train, singer Jason Aldean surprised a winner of his Facebook contest by showing up at her doorstep during a Facebook Live session. Talk about a knock at the door you WANT to answer!
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Walking Dead SDCC Proposal“There’s this deep level of sentimentality drawing back to the time they were first introduced to that film, character, story, or whatever. When they think on it, when they reflect on it, it brings up all these positive feelings and memories, and even that initial connection to what drew them there. That first sparked their excitement about that thing. Actually, psychologists have looked at nostalgia and they have found that nostalgia brings up not just positive feelings, but can raise our self esteem, our self value, and even kind of allow us to re-experience the connection with others, so it has that kind of social impact, as well!”  -Dr. Andrea Letamendi from the Ghost Busters fan documentary GhostHeads

Speaking on this subject: this photo on the left means a lot to me. Pictured is me from 2011, posing at the SDCC Walking Dead photo opp booth. The other photos are of being proposed to at the same Convention, but in the year 2016, yet still at the Walking Dead photo opp booth. I discovered The Walking Dead at SDCC 2010, which was also the year and event I met my fiancee, so this meant a lot to me. Thanks to everyone who has wished us well.

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Nerd Persecution

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 7.23.47 PMThings have taken an odd turn in the world of being a nerd (geek? whatever your preference). I’ve noticed some negativity and hostility towards our ilk.

First, I had an R2D2 Mickey Mouse pair of ears from Disney that I was wearing in the Tampa Airport a few months back, along with my R2D2 carry on roller luggage. I got a lot of compliments during my travels, HOWEVER, a bro-type dude with a Yankees cap, designer clothes and a Louis Vuitton bag looked at me, laughed and said “does that light up?” pointing to the bag.

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Star Wars Chick Essentials

My desk at work proves I like me some Star Wars

My desk at work proves I like me some Star Wars

A while back, you may recall I wrote about my visit to Disneyland and chronicled the fun Stars Wars stuff to do and buy there (the blog is here). I mentioned the Star Wars Zip Satchel by Dooney & Bourke that is exclusive to the Disney parks and how it was a little pricey for me. Well, my boyfriend’s stepmom randomly sent it to me as a gift! I am still shocked and so happy about it.

In honor of this gift, I wanted to do a little blog post about some great items that fellow Star Wars loving gals like me can look into (there are also some items that can work for dudes who are into the franchise as well – no worries). Whether The Force Awakens is your first experience with the franchise and you want to learn more, or you love the whole thing and just want to dive deeper into the fandom, here’s some info for you, past going to signature Star Wars events or the upcoming San Diego Comic Con:


  • The Zip Satchel above is available from the Disney Store online and this particular design of my bag, as well as a beautiful black leather “Dark Side” theme with red trim, can be viewed at this link. Prices range from $108 to $298, and they are peppered among the other D&B Disney bags here (FYI – they also have an Avengers design and Haunted Mansion, which is a cult favorite ride at both parks)
  • Are the D&B bags are a little pricey? No worries! ThinkGeek has these beautiful R2D2 and Boba Fett purses for $50 here. Target has cool tote bags, backpacks and luggage that range from $15 upwards here. BoxLunch also has some sick looking backpacks and messenger bags for around $65 here.
  • Clothing – The aforementioned Disney store has lots of Star Wars clothes of all varieties, as well as Target, but you can also check out Etsy for truly unique items (including bags plus more items) and more typical vendors like JC Penney, Hot Topic, ThinkGeek, Kohls (as evidenced by Chewbacca Mom), and Her Universe (the lightsaber skirt is crazy!)


  • “Yellow Laser Beams” by MC Frontalot
  • “A New Hope” by Blink182
  • “The Saga Begins” by Weird Al


  • Fan Boys – This fictional film follows the journey of some friends who travel across the country to break into Skywalker Ranch (George Lucas’ compound) to get their terminally ill friend to see the yet-to-be-released installment of Star Wars.
  • The People vs George Lucas – Just like how our parents aren’t perfect, neither is the father of Star Wars, Mr. George Lucas. The film is presented as a law case where what he has done to his own franchise is examined, for the good and bad parts.
  • Star Wait – This is a hilarious and raw documentary that examines a group of die hard fans who follow a tradition to camp out to wait for tickets to be the first people to see Star Wars at Graumans Chinese Theater in Hollywood, CA.
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Blink Ink

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 5.52.38 PMI love when bands and celebrities are proud of their fan’s tattoos. With everything Blink182 has been through in the past couple of decades, it’s nice to see the fan base going strong.

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Coldplay Concert Proposals

Designed by%2FforDid you see the viral story of the man proposing to his girlfriend during the song “Fix You” at a recent Coldplay show? Most likely. You can see one person’s video of the event HERE and while it is sweet, this is actually a phenomena at Coldplay shows!

In fact, this is not the first time someone has done a proposal during the song “Fix You” at a Coldplay show! Check out this well-synchronized proposal to the song from a 2012 show HERE

Want a proposal during the song “Yellow”? HERE is one in London recently. “Magic,” perhaps? HERE is one in Manchester on the band’s recent tour.

The best part? Chris Martin isn’t just putting on an artistic front when he sings these iconic love songs. The lead singer of Coldplay is a sucker for romance, and has been involved in fans proposing to each other at his band’s shows for years! HERE‘s one from as far back as 2010 in Newcastle, and HERE‘s a recent one from April in Brazil!

Congrats to all the fans who have gotten, and likely will, get engaged at a Coldplay show! Here’s a fun question – where did you get engaged and was it pop culture related? Or if you have not been engaged yet, what would be your dream engagement scenario? Share this on social media and leave some comments!


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